Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ghost Rider:Movie Review

(Pic: NYT Movies)
This one is a strong contender for this year's Razzle awards. The story of a motorist with a burning skull for a head, eliminating demons by using iron chain as a lasso, is a complete non-starter. But this film achieves a higher purpose, of making the audiences empathize with the plight of the hero with the flaming head, by packing stupid dialogues, dumb stunts, most lousy special effects, undecipherable plot and a terrible climax in two long hours. Fittingly, the film reaches an end, with the Ghost rider killing the Villain by looking deep into his eyes and a short while later, delivering the clear threat of a sequel. If you are a bike lover, like the friend who came with me to PVR Priya in Delhi, appreciate the Harley Davidson on display outside, and skip the film.

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