Monday, March 21, 2011

Responding to national disasters: The Japanese show the way

                                Source: Daily Mail, UK

Contrasting the responses to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan and its response with what we see in the aftermath of a disaster in India, the Business Standard writes:

"No journalist or opposition politician was seeking personal glory in a national tragedy. No one standing in front of a mike saying, “the nation wants to know”, no one accusing another, no one turning human tragedy into a business model. Rather, what was on display was the quiet efficiency with which a government, a people, and a nation were dealing with the situation at hand."

Civility & disaster management are quaint topics rarely considered worthy of attention in our public discourse. But as the Japanese have shown, in adversity, they come to define a nation’s resilience or the lack of it. 

Read the Business Standard opinion piece dated 20.03.2011 here. Nicholas.D. Kristof has more on the topic in the NYT Op-ed here